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Just a Girl Chasing a Dream She Didn't Know She Had

Hi! My name is Corenia White, Owner and Founder or #Veganwhere LLC. I was born and raised by my late single mother, Tonia White. Since her passing, I have never been more resilient. Losing her forced me to grow up at the age of only 16. After her passing, I grew very close to my grandmother (her mother). She filled that void very quickly so you can imagine how devastated I was when I lost her as well in August of 2019. Watching her struggle with so many health complications for over 15 years was truly depressing and I felt helpless right up until she took her last breath as I sat beside her in her hospital bed. I knew I had to make a change.  So I went vegan!  My mom. My grandmother. It had to stop there. My family had been haunted by poor lifestyle choices for generations but I refused to add to that list. However, it wasn't until I lost my corporate job was when I decided to turn into a business. I had already been cooking since I could remember but learning how to cook vegan dishes was something new and challenging for me. With the influence of Tabitha Brown, the scare from 'What the Health' on Netflix, and endless support from family and friends, you now are able to witness a dream I didn't know I had. #Veganwhere. Please enjoy!


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